i hate myself

Anonymous asked: What the fuck you're disgusting. How can you be so ignorant? I'm not trying to attack you I'm just saying if you say the n word and you're not black you're racist. You would never say that to an Asian person irl would you?



youre right

only certain races can say certain words

ha jk i can say whatever the fuck i want nigga

you can’t say the n word you are white As all hell get over it oh my god someone control this honky

even if you say the N word in a “joking” Way which is like how I’ve been hearing people justifying the use of slurs lately, you’re still white and using racial slurs so no matter what context you use them in you are perpetuating a culture of racism through the blatant use of the slurs no matter WHAT context you use them in, perpetuating the cycle of racism by using slurs no matter what your intent is makes you a racist lol bye